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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


It is imperative that car owners opt for specialised winter tyres to experience optimum driving experience and handling on icy or snowy roads.

Winter tyres are a product of advanced technologies in terms of build material and tread designs. These are customised to offer efficient traction and balanced performance on frozen roads, especially when the temperature plummets below 7°C .

If you are looking forward to make your car winter-ready and purchase winter tyres Fareham, visit Turnpike Tyres.

We are an authorised retailer of winter units from premium, mid-range and budget brands and stock a huge collection for your convenience.

More about winter tyres Fareham

We recommend you learn more about the construction and tread pattern in general that are used to manufacture winter tyres. Discussed below are some of the major characteristics of winter tyres Fareham. Take a look.

Winter units are built with a softer rubber compound. Unlike summer variants, winter tyres comprise more natural rubber content that allows them to remain flexible and soft even when the temperature steeps too low.

Also, unlike summer or all-season tyres, the tread depth of winter tyres is significantly more, which allows effective expulsion of snow, water and ice for improved hydroplaning resistance.

Winter tyres also feature wider grooves and increased sipes to optimise grip on snow and slush, thereby improving the cornering and braking precision of your car.

Our winter tyre catalogue: Top-sellers

WINTER SPORT 5 - The WINTER SPORT 5 is one of the best winter tyres from Dunlop. The innovative angled centre rib offers supreme lateral grip on slippery winter roads. The tyre is also customised with deeper grooves that efficiently expel water and slush and improve the aquaplaning resistance capability.

Further, this unit has an increased numbers of blocks that improve the road contact and offer uncompromised grip on icy tracks.

BLIZZAK WS90- This is one of the leading winter tyre units from Bridgestone. The tyre is constructed with larger tread blocks that improve the road contact area and offer unmatched control. The patented MULTICELL Technology offers balance and control on slippery and frozen tracks by offering enhanced snow grip. Also, with enhanced block edges, this tyre provides efficient braking performances.

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Visit our garage to buy winter tyres from premium manufacturers at affordable prices. You can either visit our service station to buy tyres, or book a set of units online and then pay only after fitment.

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