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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


A perfectly balanced set of wheels is essential to maintain driving safety and avoid issues like uneven tread wear or odd steering wheel vibrations that can affect the performance of your car.

Therefore, it is crucial to opt for professional wheel balancing after the installation of new tyres or routinely after every 5000-6000 miles. The process counterbalances any weight disparity across the wheel and tyre assembly for a comfortable driving experience.

Turnpike Tyres is equipped with advanced machineries and offers reliable car wheel balancing Fareham which can effectively restore the optimal performance of your vehicle at competitive prices.

What is the need for routine wheel balancing checks?

Often, tyres and wheels might have certain imperfections. For example, the stem hole of the wheel deducts an amount of weight from one side of the unit. Also, new tyres are not adequately balanced and have some areas of heavier weights which need to be checked and counterbalanced.

Further, continued usage leads to accelerated tread wear, thereby causing a disparity in the weight distribution across the tyre surfaces. Imbalances in brakes and drums, or inaccurate fitting of wheels to the hub can also lead to unbalanced wheels and requires thorough professional checks.

Car owners must not confuse between wheel balancing and alignment as these serve entirely different purposes.

It is recommended that you visit our reliable wheel balancing garage Fareham to avail prompt solutions at attractive prices. And for precisely that, you needn’t look any further than Turnpike Tyres.

Symptoms of unbalanced wheels

  • Difficulty in steering
  • Accelerated and uneven tread wear
  • Vibrating floorboard and steering wheel
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Faulty shocks and bearings

If you face these symptoms, you should avail our services of wheel balancing Fareham without any further delay.

How is wheel balancing performed at our garage?

Our expert professionals use advanced machineries to carry out car wheel balancing Fareham effectively. 

The procedure is performed in 4 major steps which are explained in the following section:

  • Firstly, the car wheel is mounted on our advanced wheel balancing machine.

  • The wheel is then rotated at a high speed, and the necessary measurements are noted down.

  • Our technicians then read and inspect the collected data to determine whether the weight is spread across the entire circumference of the wheel evenly.

  • Additional weight is then added to the areas that have lower weights to counter-balance the wheel and maintain an even distribution of weights.

Hence, search no further for a “wheel balancing garage near me” and visit us instead for a thorough car wheel balancing Fareham.

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