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Wheel Alignment

Bad roads are a bane for all car owners. Driving down poorly-maintained roads can take a toll on your vehicle’s wheel alignment which can further damage other car parts. Your car’s wheels can often become misaligned due to massive impacts from bumps and potholes. Thus, you need to opt for routine wheel alignment checks to maximise the performance of your vehicles.

Turnpike Tyres is one of the most preferred destinations for wheel alignment Fareham. Our garage is equipped with the latest laser alignment technology, which is engineered to provide the highest level of accuracy. So, even if you have the slightest of concerns regarding your vehicle’s wheel alignment, don’t hesitate to drive down to our facility.

The most apparent signs of wheel misalignment

Here are some signs that indicate misaligned wheels.

  • Vehicle veers to a side : When you’re in an empty parking lot, leave the steering wheel and let the car guide itself. If it starts drifting towards one side, it’s a clear sign that your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned. Address the issue immediately to ensure your own safety on the road and that of others around you.
  • A crooked steering wheel : Your car’s steering wheel should remain straight at all times while driving on a straight road. To check whether it’s centred, you can observe the maker’s emblem on the steering wheel itself. If it’s slightly angled towards either direction, your car’s wheels are not aligned correctly. Consult Turnpike Tyres- the most reliable garage for wheel alignment Fareham immediately to resolve this issue.
  • Uneven tread wear : If the treads on some tyres of your vehicle are wearing out much quicker than the others, it’s a clear signal of improper wheel alignment. Measure the tread depths of each tyre to spot any inaccuracy.
  • Squealing tyres : Uneven tread wear on your car’s tyres can cause them to squeal while accelerating or making a turn.

The symptoms mentioned above are often overlooked by car owners as they fail to understand the hazards they can pose. If you don’t pay attention to these issues in time, important parts of your vehicle like the suspension system can be substantially damaged. Moreover, poor fuel efficiency is also common in vehicles with improper wheel alignment.

Cost of wheel alignment Fareham

Wheel alignment services are not costly if you take into account the damages it can lead to if left untreated. It may as well cost you an arm and a leg to pay for the damage repairs and increased fuel cost.

The cost of wheel alignment services mainly depends on the make of the car and the degree of misalignment. Our certified experts will be happy to give you an accurate estimate after they’ve had a look at your vehicle.

Hopefully you now have the answer to your search query and stop looking for a wheel alignment garage near me. Drive down to our facility located at 1 Old Turnpike, PO16 7HB, Fareham or call us on 01329 280261.

Our team of trained technicians are here to provide you with the best wheel alignment Fareham.

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