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Managed by the tyre giants Continental, Goodyear, and Sumitomo, Dunlop is a brand that is well-known throughout the world for its fantastic tyre products. Named after the inventor of pneumatic tyres, John Boyd Dunlop, this company has propelled itself into the new century on the strength of its staggering attention to detail and high standards of excellence.

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What can we offer?

Summer Tyres

Crafted keeping in mind both wet and dry tarmacs, summer tyres are designed with a lesser sipe density. Moreover, they also are made from harder rubber compounds which provide an improved grip on heated tarmacs.

Take a look at some of the popular Dunlop car tyres Fareham.

  • Sport Maxx Race 2
  • A magnificent sports car tyre, this one provides supreme performance on both dry and wet roads. Also, it offers high-speed stability because of its impressive road contact area.

  • SP SportMaxx TT
  • One of the best tyres when it comes to cornering and braking, this unit makes good use of the DuPont™ Kevlar® Technology, creating rather stiff sidewalls leading to a higher level of performance.

Winter Tyres

Made to handle the harsh winter conditions of snow, sleet, and ice, winter tyres should be used when the temperature drops below 7°C. These come with a greater sipe density and a tread pattern designed to motor through snowy conditions without any hassle. So, if you are looking to buy Dunlop car tyres Fareham for winter, know that we stock a wide variety.

Our recommendation:

  • GrandTrek WT M3
  • Boasting of unique features, the GrandTrek WT M3 is one beast of a tyre. It offers high aquaplaning resistance, enhanced grip and superior snow traction.

All-season Tyres

Amalgamating the best of both summer and winter tyres, Dunlop’s all-season units can be used in moderate climatic conditions. Your search for all-season car tyres Fareham ends here.

Take a look at our top pick.
  • Dunlop Grandtrek AT20
  • This unit is particularly known for its unbelievable wet performance. It also offers exceptional handling performance on snowy or icy surfaces.

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