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Tyre Repair

Poor car maintenance has been one of the primary reasons behind severe road accidents in the UK. A large number of these on-road incidents are due to damaged tyres. Hence, it is essential to opt for a routine check of your vehicle’s tyres to ensure they remain in optimum condition.

Puncture repair is a cost-effective option, provided the unit meets all the legal requirements. At Turnpike Tyres, we offer efficient tyre repair Fareham for worn-out or punctured tyres. The processes we follow ensure to maintain the structural integrity of the tyres.

Which tyres can be repaired ?

Though tyre repair is one of the convenient and cost-effective options, it must be understood that not all units can be repaired. The UK has strict regulations about the tyres on which repairs are permissible and also the number of times repair is allowed.

Listed below are some of the major parameters which are taken into account before deciding whether a tyre is legal to be repaired or not.

  • The tread depth is more than 1.6 mm

  • The structural integrity of the tyre is not severely damaged

  • The cords are not exposed

  • Puncture is not in the sidewalls but is on the main tread part

  • The rubber is not cracked

If these parameters meet the regulations stated by the UK Government, we will effectively carry out tyre repair Fareham.

At our facility, we offer free tyre check for your convenience. Please drop by during our business hours.

Three most common ways of tyre repair

Listed below are three of the most common ways that are generally used to repair car tyres.

  • Plugging : In this method, a small piece of leather is plugged into the damaged area with rubber adhesive. When the tyre rolls, the adhesive is vulcanised due to the heat generated and hardens into the permanent seal.
  • Patching : An adhesive-backed piece of rubber is attached inside the tyre on the damaged part. Similar to what happens in patching, the adhesive vulcanises due to heat.
  • Combination of plug and patch : This is the most effective method of tyre repair where a rubber patch along with a leather tail is inserted into the tyre. The tail is then threaded through the hole and is used to plug the gap effectively

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Please note that if the tyre damage is beyond repair, we will suggest a replacement. You can choose a new unit from our superb inventory at Turnpike Tyres.

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