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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Summer tyres are specifically manufactured to offer unparalleled traction and control on both dry and wet tarmacs. With uniquely designed tread patterns and specialised hard rubber compounds, these units are specifically built to offer unmatched performance, especially when the temperature rises above 7°C.

At Turnpike Tyres, we retail top-quality summer tyres Fareham from leading manufacturers, like Continental, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Nexen, only to name a few.

What makes summer tyres Fareham special?

The construction of summer car tyres in Fareham is widely different from that of the all-season and winter units, enabling them to offer improved vehicle control and driving stability on summer roads.

Rubber Compound

Listed below are some of the important details about summer tyres which you must check out before you buy summer tyres Fareham.

  • Summer tyres are essentially constructed with harder rubber compounds and lesser natural rubber content which enables them to adapt to higher temperatures easily. This also offers enhanced strength and durability, reducing tread wear that is otherwise caused by increased friction on heated tarmacs.

  • Also, summer tyres feature more shallow tread blocks and grooves. This enhances the road contact area of the summer car tyres Fareham and ensures improved handling on dry and hot tarmacs.

  • Further, there are uniquely designed tread bars on a summer tyre which helps to reduce the risks of hydroplaning and hence offer improved traction on wet summer roads.

Two of our bestselling summer tyres

  • Dunlop SPORT MAXX RACE 2 - This summer tyre from Dunlop comes with increased lateral stiffness that keeps it stable even at high speeds. The even pressure distribution across the tyre footprint offers enhanced steering precision and control. Further, the optimized circular shape of this unit is adequately built to offer exceptional control when motoring at blazing speeds.
  • POTENZA RE 71R- The Potenza RE 71R is a class-apart summer tyre from Bridgestone, customised for maximum braking stability on both dry and wet tarmacs. The wide centre rib of this tyre offers agile steering response. With the innovative Shoulder Hydro Evacuation Stiffness, this unit ensures efficient cornering precision. Further, the hydro evacuation surface is designed to offer efficient water expulsion and enhanced grip on wet roads.

You will find all these and much more in our superb and comprehensive inventory at Turnpike Tyres.

Hence, search no further for “tyres near me”, and visit our garage today if you are looking forward to purchasing all-season tyres.

We stock a huge inventory of all-season tyres for various car makes and models. Our experts will also help you to choose the perfect set for your automobile.

So, wait no further and call us today on 01329 280261 to learn more about our products or to book an appointment for tyre replacement and fitting.

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