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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?


Puncture repair is one of the most common and cost-effective alternatives to a replacement altogether. The United Kingdom has stringent regulations which determine if a punctured tyre can be repaired or not.

At Turnpike Tyres, we offer efficient puncture repair Fareham and strictly adhere to all rules and regulations issued by the government to ensure maximum safety.

Can all tyres be repaired?

As mentioned above, the UK government has stringent rules about the tyres which can be repaired, materials to be used and about the number of times puncture repair can be performed on a unit.

We can conduct puncture repairs as per BS AU 159 if:

  • Size of the puncture is less than 6mm in diameter.

  • Puncture is not in the sidewalls.

  • The rubber is not cracked, worn-out or have signs of other major defects

  • There are no exposed chords

  • There is no severe damage in the structural integrity of the tyre

  • No previous repairs have been carried out with a DIY kit

Our professionals carefully inspect damaged tyres and effectively carry out puncture repair Fareham, provided the above-mentioned parameters are adequately met.

At Turnpike Tyres, our professionals will carry out a thorough check of a punctured car tyre to decide upon one repair method that would prove to be more efficient. Also, with the use of advanced tools, our experts will be able to provide prompt puncture repairs to get you back on the road in no time, while also ensuring your vehicles safety as well as roadworthiness.

Hence, search no further for puncture repair near me and visit our workshop for professional repairs at a cost-effective price.

Common puncture repair processes

There are 3 most commonly used puncture repair methods. These are:

  • External repair with strings

  • Internal repair using a rubber patch

  • A combined plug and patch method for interior damage repair

However, implementing any of these procedures requires utmost care and precision.

How do we approach puncture repairs?

  • The tyre is first removed from the rim and is thoroughly inspected to locate any internal and external damage.

  • The identified damaged part is then marked.

  • Following this, a puncture channel is prepared from both inside and outside of the tyre using a carbide mill cutter.

  • Then, the repair patch and its surrounding area are thoroughly cleaned using a pre-buff cleaner and repair scrapper.

  • After cleaning, the inner line is buffed using an appropriate dome buffing rasp.

  • Next, a vulcanising accelerator solution is put inside the lining to repair the punctured area.

  • Following this, a combination of plug and patch is inserted into the puncture channel, and it is pulled outward until the tyre is adequately sealed.

  • The patch and plug repair base and the buffed area are finally sealed with an inner liner sealant.

  • Finally, the tyre is mounted back and re-inflated with adequate air.

  • In the last step, the tyre patch stem is detached from the tread of the tyre.

Hence, look no further for reliable puncture repair services and visit us at Turnpike Tyres instead.

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You’d be delighted to know that we offer 1-year FREE puncture cover with all our new tyres.

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