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The lack of a perfect set of tyres can adversely affect the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, Britain has a strict set of rules when it comes to tyres to ensure the roadworthiness of your car. For instance, if the tread depth is below 1.6mm in a continuous band, the tyre will be deemed illegal.

At Turnpike Tyres, we stock a huge inventory of tyres Fareham for you to choose from. You can visit our garage to buy a set. Otherwise, you can book your preferred set of tyres online and pay only after fitment at our garage. 

Different categories of car tyres Fareham at our garage

  • Summer Tyres - Summer tyres Fareham Are designed with a specialised hard rubber compound that has a lesser percentage of natural rubber and is suitable for temperatures above 7°C. This ensures that the tyre has lower rolling resistance on hot summer tarmacs, and therefore, is extremely fuel-efficient. Further, summer tyres have lesser sipes and block tread pattern to ensure improved traction and hydroplaning resistance.
  • Winter Tyres - Unlike summer tyres, winter variants are made up of soft rubber compounds and have a higher natural rubber content that keeps the units supple on winter roads at temperatures below 7°C. These tyres feature an increased number of sipes that helps to offer enhanced grip on icy roads.
  • All-season Tyres - The perfect blend of summer and winter tyre features, the all-season units are capable of offering appreciable round-the-year performance. If you live in an area with milder climate or don’t drive a lot of miles every year, these tyres are your top pick.
  • Performance Tyres - Your high-end performance and sports cars deserve a worthy companion. Install a set of performance tyres to enjoy top-notch cornering precision, manoeuvrability and handling even at blazing speeds.
  • 4x4 Tyres - These tyres are specifically built for SUVs and feature a more aggressive tread design for efficient traction and control on rough off-road tarmacs. The treads of 4x4 tyres have increased depth and also feature wider gaps to optimise vehicle control on muddy roads. Further, 4X4 tyres have strong reinforced walls to balance the weight of the vehicle effectively.
  • Run-Flat Tyres - You can buy these tyres Fareham from us to enjoy an added layer of safety and convenience to your driving experience. With run-flats, you can continue driving up to a certain limit even with a puncture.

Bestselling car tyres at our store

ContiEcoContact 5

This car tyre was crowned the winner in the 2014 Auto Bild Eco Summer Tyre Test. It is ingeniously designed to offer exceptional grip as well as provide a short braking distance. The innovative SSR (Self Supporting Run-flat technology) makes the tyre puncture-resistant and prevents the sidewall from crushing and slipping off the rim.


One of the best-seller models in the summer car tyre category, this unit is customised with Bridgestone’s revolutionary NanoPro-Tech technology which marvellously reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel efficiency. The tyre essentially has a lightweight construction. Additionally, the high angle lug grooves of this tyre offer efficient hydroplaning resistance.

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