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Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a dead car battery is something you would never want to experience. Typically, the lifespan of a car battery is anywhere between 3 to 5 years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be in prime condition throughout the entire time period.

The longevity of a car’s battery primarily depends on two factors - weather conditions and driving habits. After continuous usage for 2-3 years, you must get your car’s battery checked regularly.

If you’re searching for car battery replacement Fareham service, Turnpike Tyres is your go-to destination. We possess the ability to provide and fit batteries for all types of cars and vans.

Symptoms of a faltering car battery

  • Dimmer headlights: This is a common indicator of a failing battery. If your car’s battery is not in optimum condition, the electronic components of your vehicle will start malfunctioning. Weaker headlights might not seem bothersome to a few car owners, but it can put your safety at risk.
  • Slow engine crank: All car owners are accustomed to the usual sounds of their vehicles. When turning your car key, if you find that the engine cranks sluggishly, it’s an indication of a failing battery. Waste no time and rush to our facility for a rapid solution.
  • Check engine light: Your car has some built-in indicators, like the check engine light and the coolant lights. They may get triggered when there’s an issue with the battery.
  • A bloated battery case: If your car’s battery case seems to be swollen or bloated, it’s an indication that it’s time to get it replaced.
  • Rotten smell: Leakage in the battery causes corrosion which leads to the emission of a pungent odour, similar to that of rotten eggs.

Types of car batteries

Our inventory includes various types of batteries, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Lead-acid batteries: Also known as wet batteries, these are extremely popular among car owners.
  • AGM batteries: These are lighter in weight than lead-acid batteries. They consist of a light glass fibre layer instead of lead plates.
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB): These are commonly used in cars which possess a start-stop system.
  • GEL batteries: These are valve-regulated and consist of a gelatinous substance.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: These are used in electric and hybrid vehicles.

We are trusted by many of our loyal customers as we offer the most authentic products in Fareham.

Our vast inventory of car batteries includes the best-selling products of global manufacturers like BOSCH and VARTA. You can now stop asking Google to show you search results for car battery Fareham.

Turnpike Tyres provides one of the most efficient and cost-effective car battery replacement Fareham. Our technicians are popular for their commendable work ethics. Call us on 01329 280261 to enquire about car battery Fareham.

If you’re experiencing any issue related to your vehicle’s battery, rush to our facility right away. We’re located at 1 Old Turnpike, P016 7HB, Fareham.

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