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Tyre Repair

Run-flat tyres, as the name suggests, are units that are specifically engineered to keep working even after suffering a puncture. They are also commonly referred to as self-supporting tyres due to this feature. If your vehicle is equipped with run flat tyres Fareham, you don’t need to pull up after a puncture. You’ll be able to safely drive home or to the nearest garage and get the tyre replaced.

Due to the ingenious technology, a run-flat tyre can travel up to a distance of 50 miles at a limited speed of 50-60 mph. Over the years, these products have garnered immense popularity; some automobile manufacturers are even making them a standard in their new cars.

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Brands available at our garage

Listed below are some of the major parameters which are taken into account before deciding whether a tyre is legal to be repaired or not.

Our handpicked collection of self-supporting tyres includes the following brands:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Firestone
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Nexen

Types of Run-flat tyres

Based on the technology used, run-flat tyres are of three primary types:

  • Self-supporting tyres : These tyres feature rigid sidewalls and provide internal support that allows a punctured tyre to sit on it. The mechanism prevents any possible damage to the wheel rim.
  • Self-sealing tyres : These tyres have a lining in the interior part that reacts quickly to a prick of sharp objects such as needles, screws and the likes. This variety of run-flat tyres prevents any further damage to the units after picking up a puncture. These are not as preferred as the self-supporting tyres as they have limited options when it comes to rim size.
  • Auxiliary supported tyre : This type of run-flat tyres is the sturdiest among the three. Hence, these are mainly used in armoured vehicles. These tyres are bullet-proof and are highly efficient in resisting punctures. They consist of an additional support ring that has enough strength to carry heavy weights for long distances.

Is it possible to repair run-flat tyres?

Any significant damage caused by a puncture might be masked by the sturdiness of the tyres. Hence, most manufacturers strictly recommend to never repair a punctured run-flat tyre. So, replacement is the only option for all car-owners. These tyres are meant to act as a temporary solution; they allow you time to get to the nearest garage safely.

How to detect a puncture in run-flat tyres?

Due to the reinforced sidewalls of self-supporting tyres, it’s very difficult to detect a puncture. Hence, it’s imperative to have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed in your car to detect a puncture in run-flat tyres. The TPMS alerts you when there’s a loss of air in your vehicle’s tyres.

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