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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


4X4 tyres are specifically customised for Sport Utility Vehicles and are engineered to offer top-notch off-road and on-road driving precision and handling

These tyres are significantly different from regular car tyres both in terms of construction and tread design. Car owners, hence, should approach a reliable garage if they are willing to purchase 4X4 tyres.

At Turnpike Tyres, we retail superior quality 4X4 tyres Fareham from the best-selling brands in the market. These products will ensure that you enjoy optimum driving experience, even on challenging terrains.

Unique features of 4x4 tyres Fareham

As mentioned above, 4X4 tyres have a distinct make and construction which is widely different from other standard car tyres. You should learn about the features to make an informed decision if you intend to buy 4x4 tyres Fareham.

  • Tread Design

  • The fundamental difference between a regular car tyre and 4x4 tyres is the tread design. 4X4 tyres have an aggressive tread design with deeper tread and wider gaps that offer improved grip on rocky and muddy terrain.

  • Sidewall Construction
  • 4X4 tyres essentially feature a more robust sidewall construction that any regular car tyre. The strong sidewall construction allows the vehicle to carry heavier loads on adverse road conditions without breaking a sweat.

Popular 4X4 tyres at our garage

Listed below are some of the best-selling 4X4 car tyres Fareham which are highly recommended by our customers.

  • This unit from Dunlop offers exceptional dry grip and control. It is constructed with a flatter tread design that increases the road contact area of the tyre. This tyre is also customised with Dunlop’s RunOnFlat technology that prevents the unit from crushing when punctured. Further, the even distribution of pressure across the contact patch ensures efficient cornering stability while off-roading.
  • CrossContact ATR
  • This 4X4 tyre from Continental AG features a harmonised sipe design that helps to effectively reduce noise emission and offers a comfortable driving experience. The new CrossContact RX pattern offers improved grip and braking on wet roads. Also, the newly developed sipe technology of this tyre offers efficient traction on dry roads and helps to deliver optimum performance.

Hence, search no further for “tyres near me”.

Visit Turnpike Tyres to buy 4X4 units at an affordable price. You can book a set online and pay later after fitting at our garage.

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